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James Rains Texas Capitol

A 15+ year Houstonian and a lifetime Texan, James is committed to the idea that a small, limited government is most responsive to the needs of its citizenry.


Originally from the bucolic countryside of rural east Texas, James was raised with the values and work ethic that flourish in small town America. Early in life he was taught the value of hard work and the necessity of perseverance.

Regardless of ideology, James hopes to work productively with anyone who desires to keep the administration of government honest and fair.


University of Houston - Master of Public Administration, 2013

University of Houston - Bachelor of Arts in History, 2009

University of Houston - Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship, 2007

HarvardX - Professional Certificate in Leadership and Communication, 2023

HarvardX - Verified Certificate for Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking, 2023

HarvardX - Verified Certificate for Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles, 2023

BerkeleyX - Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals, 2021

BerkeleyX - Verified Certificate for Blockchain Technology, 2021

BerkeleyX - Verified Certificate for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, 2021

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