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Greater Houston Republican Liberty Caucus


A 15+ year Houstonian and a lifetime Texan, James is committed to the idea that a small, limited government is most responsive to the needs of its citizenry.


Originally from the bucolic countryside of rural east Texas, James was raised with the values and work ethic that flourish in small town America. Early in life he was taught the value of hard work and the necessity of perseverance.


After high school, he relocated to the Houston area to attend the University of Houston where he majored in history and business – and later returned to the university to earn his MPA in public finance.

James is an unflinching advocate for liberty and good governance. 

Regardless of ideology, James hopes to work productively with anyone who desires to keep government honest and protect individual freedoms.


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HYR June General Assembly

Christian's Tailgate on White Oak, Houston, TX

RLC June Mixer

Sylvia's on Woodway



James was honored to serve as Vice-Chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation, one of the largest and most active state federations in the US. As Vice-Chairman, he was instrumental in creating quarterly "Days of Service" - where YR clubs from around the state would seek new, creative ways to give back to their local communities. In 2019, James also helped plan and execute the most ambitious Texas Young Republicans Convention in the organization's history in his hometown of Houston.

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As President of HYR, James sought to bring service-driven leadership to the organization by prioritizing both GOTV initiatives and community service projects. During his tenure in this role, James also revamped HYR's fundraising strategy which left the club in a strong position upon assuming his role with the Texas Young Republicans. Prior to serving HYR in this role, James had previously held nearly every other position on HYR's Executive Committee.

UH MPA Alumni Logo

James stepped-up to serve as Vice-President of the University of Houston MPA Alumni Association after a few years of inactivity from the organization. While serving in this capacity, James worked with the new UHMPAAA Board and the  University to raise both the profile and funds for this group. James continues to be an advocate for the UH MPA program and encourages hard-working, talented youth to consider a career in public service.


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